Welcome to ezdiabetes.com, a new approach in managing diabetes. We know how difficult it can be for children, parents, friends and other family members to deal with the changes that diabetes brings to our loved ones. We are dedicated to helping those who have or know someone who has diabetes get the support they need.

Over the past decade, while visiting many diabetes support groups, we found there were very few simple and manageable ways to help newly diagnosed diabetics. We have subsequently evolved with a line of educational materials for newly diagnosed diabetics to help manage and educate them further about diabetes. Many families and friends have found that our products helped make the management and understanding of diabetes much easier.

Our products are specially designed to help teach and encourage self-confidence, independence and good health practices. We are endorsed by the National Institute of Health and we donate many of our products to diabetes organizations around the world.

The story behind ezdiabetes.com

The story behind ezdiabetes.com is a mother’s story about helping her son, Jason. Linda helps Jason as well as others through the creation of hands-on teaching materials for newly diagnosed diabetics.

“Jason tested positive for Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 3. We were immediately rushed to a major city hospital for care and education. It was a devastating time for us. We all felt so helpless in meeting this new challenge. It was difficult learning the basics in just a few days. I remember how terrified I felt with this tremendous burden on my shoulders. How was I going to take care of my son?

All the information and literature supplied by the hospital could not prepare me for what I had to do to take care of Jason. I couldn’t find any information that was appropriate for Jason, now a young, confused type-I diabetic. Most of the information was addressing adult onset diabetes and was too confusing for Jason to understand and for me to explain. With little information available to help him learn about and manage his diabetes, I started creating ways to help Jason.

I felt the most important task was to teach Jason to handle his own syringe. This spawned our first product, Stick With Me Baby. After a while, the syringe was as familiar to Jason as a crayon. At first, he was too young to manage his own insulin injections, but with the help of Stick With Me Baby, he was soon able to inject himself.

We started going to support groups where Jason would feel comfortable and ‘fit in’. Through these support groups and seeing the needs of other children with diabetes, one by one, new ideas evolved to help these children. As Jason grew older, he led his own support groups and coached newly diagnosed children with his hands-on teaching materials.

Jason is now 24 (as of 2005) and still active in helping children, with – or without – diabetes. He coaches several youth hockey leagues and also plays hockey. Though diabetes has brought many challenges, he has been very instrumental in helping so many other children. All of the products on this web site evolved because of Jason.”